7 Blissful Remote Islands – NaturePic challenge

7 Blissful Remote Islands – NaturePic challenge

This post was originally published as a NaturePic Challenge: pictures of epic nature with a specific theme, and places that will trigger a natural high. This particular chain of NaturePics is about Blissful Remote Islands. Over the years these have developed into extended stories. You can find the link to each island in this overview.

Fascinating islands around the world

There are plenty of beautiful islands in the sea to be discovered. Unfortunately the lack of having a digital camera left out some fascinating islands I travelled to before 2006 – at least for this series. Such as Easter Island, Lord Howe Island (Australia), White Island (New Zealand), the Outer Hebrides (Scotland) and Bora Bora (French Polynesia). The pictures I took there are all old-skool photos printed on paper.

In this article I will share some of my other favourite islands I visited more recently.

The blissful remote island of El Hierro, Canary Islands.
Wilderness Coffee @ Las Playas Bay, El Hierro (Canary Islands).

Seven blissful remote islands

Sprinkled across the oceans and seas, these islands are all very different in character. This overview gives you a short summary of each island.

If you want to find out more and see how to get there, just click on the link in the title to read the full story. I update these articles on a regular basis, so you will often find new information and practical stuff, or fancy decorations like the handy interactive map at the bottom of this page. The date above each article shows the last update.

Be sure to check back in, and enjoy reading & exploring.

Streams flowing from the jungle into the sea at Mulligan Bay. Hinchinbrook Island, Queensland, Australia.

Hinchinbrook Island – Unspoiled tropical wilderness

Hinchinbrook Island in Australia is pure bliss. The island lies just off the coast of north Queensland and features rugged mountains covered in lush jungle vegetation, broad sweeping beaches and meandering estuaries. Unspoiled wilderness that can only be explored on foot. The Thorsborne Trail follows a 32 kilometre route along the east coast of Hinchinbrook Island. It’s one of the most beautiful hikes in the world.

Camino de Jinama, El Hierro, Canary Islands, Spain.

El Hierro – A volcanic hotspot underneath the sea

El Hierro is the most remote and authentic of the Canary Islands, with volcanic activity still bubbling underneath the sea. Once considered as the edge of the known world, El Hierro consists mostly of huge cliffs rising straight up from the sea to over 1000 metres high, and an enormous crescent shaped valley. It’s absolutely spectacular.

Kalapana coastal lava flows from Kilauea, Hawaii Bg Island.

Hawaii – Volcanic fields of fire

The enigmatic Big Island of Hawaii, where flows of lava tumble down the rocky shores into the sea. I walked across the fields of fire from Kalapana to the Kilauea lava flows, and stood utterly mesmerized looking upon the creation process of Earth itself. It is one of the most mindblowing things one could hope to see.

View from Kvívík to Vágar island, Faroe Islands.

Faroe Islands – Atlantic weather systems moving overhead

The Faroe Islands are an enticing stopover in the north Atlantic ocean between Denmark, Norway and Iceland. There are impressive mountains everywhere, stupendously rising up from the sea. The capital of Tórshavn is a charming little town with colourful and grassy houses. And the weather on the Faroe Islands archipelago is surprisingly mild.

View to the top of Stromboli.

Stromboli – The ancient lighthouse of the Mediterranean

Stromboli is the stuff of legends. The volcano island is the ancient lighthouse of the Mediterranean. It has been erupting its mesmerizing glow for over 2000 years, in such a way that it actually became the ‘type locality’ for it. When I saw its triangular shape looming on the horizon, it was pulling me like a force from the centre of the earth, excited to finally see the strombolian action from up close…

Muri Beach lagoon, Rarotonga, Cook Islands.

Cook Islands – The stuff of Pacific dreams

The Cook Islands are the stuff of Pacific dreams. White, sandy, coconut-strewn palm beaches, translucent lagoons in all shades of shimmering blue, and a laid-back atmosphere where everything just circulates on island time. But there are also craggy peaks beckoning in the interior of Rarotonga, the main island. You can discover them on the Cross-Island Track, an adventurous hike across the jungle.

Midnight sunset on Heimaey, Iceland.

Vestmannaeyjar – A force of nature that can’t be denied

When I saw the volcanic island shapes of Vestmannaeyjar shimmering on the horizon, I felt immediately drawn to them. It was like a force of nature that couldn’t be denied. I just had to go there. Sailing into Heimaey harbour, through a narrow opening surrounded by a jumbled chain of steep cliffs and a huge field of lava flows, is mind-blowing. The Vestmannaeyjar archipelago – also known as the Westman Islands – contains the youngest volcanic island in Iceland.

Iceland eruption 2021 🌋

Vestmannaeyjar also boasted the youngest volcano in Iceland until 19 March 2021, when Fagradalsfjall erupted to the scene on the Reykjanes Peninsula. It mesmerized people around the world with rows of craters and scenic lava flows, and even turned into a spectacular lava geyser for a while. In this extensive article you can read all about the extraordinary Fagradalsfjall volcano – and how to get there.

Where are all these islands?

Explore this handy interactive map and find the locations of these beautiful islands. You can also zoom in for more details of each island itself.

@ What is your favourite island? Let me know in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you! Your questions, comments and suggestions can also be helpful for other readers. Thank you for sharing.

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Stafsnes beach, Heimaey, Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland.
The hidden beach of Stafsnes on Vestmannaeyjar.

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First published: 4 February 2017

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