Flower Art – Wollemi Protea

Flower Art – Wollemi Protea

The Art of Nature: A series of pictures featuring the colourful art & contrasts made by nature. Natural works of art produced by flowering plants and trees. A celebration of spring, the resilience of nature & life itself.

The bulky Protea flower

This is a beautiful protea flower in Wollemi National Park. Proteas are originally native to South Africa, but now widely spread across the Southern Hemisphere. They are part of the Proteaceae family, an ancient group of flowers, closely related to the indigenous Australian waratah and banksia, and even the macademia nut. All of these come with huge bulky intricate flowers, producing pretty seedpods & bushnuts that are truly works of art.

Wollemi National Park

Wollemi National Park is also home to one of the most prehistoric trees in the world. The legendary Wollemi Pine, dating back to the era when the first trees sprouted on the face of the Earth. It has survived in the park’s hidden corners and secluded spots since the time of dinosaurs.

A fascinating tree that is worth a story of its own. 😉

Protea flower, Wollemi National Park, New South Wales, Australia

Flower Art: Wollemi Protea

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