Natural Art – Abstract painting & contrasts

Natural Art – Abstract painting & contrasts

The Art of Nature – A series of photos featuring the colourful art & contrasts made by nature. Natural works of art produced by lava, rocks and stones. In this overview you can see some beautiful examples of abstract paintings and forms in nature.

Hawaiian heart-shaped lava

Lava Art: Not only northern lights can take on the shape of a heart – several other things as well. Nature truly is a master at creating works of art. This heart-shaped piece of lava lies peacefully radiating on the humongous Kilauea lava field, near the town of Kalapana (Big Island, Hawaii).

Heart-shaped lava, Kilauea Iki, Big Island, Hawaii.

Vestmannaeyjar colours

Lava Art: A natural abstract painting. You can see this striking palette from behind the top of the Eldfell volcano (Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland).

Natural abstract painting, Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland.

Selvallavatn mirror lake hallucination

Abstract Art: Which way is up and which way is down? The reflecting waters of Selvallavatn create an abstract and hallucinating view of intricate lava structures on the banks of the mirror lake (Snæfellsnes Peninsula, Iceland).

Selvallavatn Mirror Lake, Snæfellsnes, Iceland.

Giant’s Causeway columns

Rock Art: These natural building blocks & pillars look like a 3D painting (Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland).

Basalt columns, Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland.

Djúpalónssandur stones & seaweed

Stone Art: Striking contrasts of pebbly stones & seaweed at Djúpalónssandur beach (Snæfellsnes Peninsula, Iceland).

Contrasts, Djúpalónssandur, Snæfellsnes, Iceland.

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First published: 13 February 2017

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