Mount Titlis – Alpine meadows & beautiful mountain views

Mount Titlis – Alpine meadows & beautiful mountain views

Last update: 22 January 2022

Switzerland is a true mountain paradise, as nearly the whole country is made up of them. There is always a mountain close by to explore, and there are numerous walking tracks. Most of them are easily accesible by a multitude of trains, funiculars and cable cars.

Mount Titlis in Engelberg

In central Switzerland, not far from Lucerne and the famous Vierwaldstättersee is the town of Engelberg, surrounded by bulky mountains on all sides. Titlis is the highest mountain in the region, standing at over 3200 metres tall. It even has its own glacier.

Towering rocks, Mount Titlis, Engelberg, Switzerland
Towering rocks on the top of Mount Titlis.

Titlis cable car

You can take a cable car from the centre of Engelberg all the way to the top. But it’s worth walking part of the way up (or down) the Titlis, to meander along flowery alpine meadows with breathtaking mountain views all around, and lots of friendly Swiss cows with cheerful bells around their neck.

Flowery alpine meadows, Engelberg, Switzerland
Flowery alpine meadows & beautiful mountain views.

The eternal snowy peak of Mount Titlis, Engelberg, Switzerland
The eternal snowy peak of Mount Titlis.

Titlis cliff walk

There’s now  an exciting cliff walk along this side of the mountain. A suspension bridge opened in December 2012, currently the highest one in Europe. Some call it ‘the world’s scariest bridge’.

Or, as the operators call it themselves: ‘To cross the bridge, you’ll need nerves as strong as the steel cables from which it hangs’… 😉

Mount Titlis cliff walk, Engelberg, Switzerland
The setting of the Titlis cliff walk before its construction.

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Mount Titlis area map

This handy interactive map shows the locations in the pictures above and around the Titlis summit area. You can also click on the icons, and zoom in for more details of the walking tracks.

Mountains & Volcanoes Mount Titlis, Switzerland

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