Flower Art – Australian flowers & bushnuts

Flower Art – Australian flowers & bushnuts

The Art of Nature: A series of pictures featuring the colourful art & contrasts made by nature. Natural works of art produced by flowering plants and trees. A celebration of spring, the resilience of nature & life itself.

Flower Art: Magnetic Island Frangipani

Lusciously coloured & fragrant tropical frangipani flowers.

Australian frangipani flowers, Magnetic Island, Queensland

Flower Art: Tasmanian Rhododendron

Delicate rhododendron flowers.

Rhododendron flowers, Strahan, Tasmania

Bushnut Art: Australian Eucalypt

Colourful eucalypt seedpods and scented gum leaves.

Eucalypt bushnut art, Bruny Island, Tasmania

Flower Art: Carnarvon Gorge Tropical Milkweed

Tropical milkweed flowers (also known as Asclepias curassavica).

Tropical Milkweed, Carnarvon Gorge, Queensland, Australia

Flower Art: Victorian Thistle

Fluffy wild thistle flowers.

Wild thistle flower art, Victoria, Australia

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