Faroe Islands – Atlantic weather systems moving overhead

Faroe Islands – Atlantic weather systems moving overhead

When I wanted to combine a trip to Scotland with Iceland in 2007, the Faroe Islands were a logical and enticing stopover along the route. Rather irregular boat and flight schedules only allowed a 2-night stay. I was a bit apprehensive about the ferry trip from Scotland, as the ocean can be quite turbulent along that route. But luckily it sailed smoothly into Tórshavn, a charming little town full of colorful and grassy houses, and even music café’s too.

I arrived in a plethora of rainbows, in the evening the place was engulfed by mysterious fog, and the next day I woke up to brilliant sunshine. The climate was surprisingly mild and there were impressive mountains everywhere, stupendously rising up from the sea. You could almost see the Atlantic weather systems moving overhead.

NaturePic Challenge – Remote Islands # 4: Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands

View from the village of Kvívík to the looming mountains of Vágar island across the fjord.

Faroe Islands

Grassy & colourful houses in Tórshavn.

(c) Nancy Claus – Wilderness Coffee & Natural High

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