End of year list – The top-5 blog stories

End of year list – The top-5 blog stories

Happy New Year! It’s that exciting time of the end-of-year lists. After my first year of blogging (in 2017), I shared the five most popular blog posts in the last week of December on the Wilderness Coffee & Natural High Facebook page.

Thank you for reading, liking and sharing my stories. It is such a pleasure to explore these beautiful places and share them with you. More will come next year, from Iceland as well as other destinations. I hope to keep inspiring you with natural highs that come from being immersed in the beauty of nature. Go out & see the beauty that surrounds us. 🙂

Summary of the five most popular blog posts

Below you can find the overview with a short summary of each blog post. The articles are all updated on a regular basis with new information and practical tips. If you want to know more, just click on the link in the description or on the picture to see the full & updated story. The date above each article shows the last update.

Crossing the Waal bridge in Nijmegen on the first day of the Vierdaagse Walk of the World, The Netherlands.

Number 5 – Vierdaagse of Nijmegen

The epic trial & tribulation that is the Vierdaagse of Nijmegen. This long distance walk is internationally known as the Walk of the World. Four days of walking 40 kilometers per day. Why do people even want to do this? It’s hard to explain, or even understand, if you haven’t experienced it for yourself. As you crawl along the Via Gladiola on the final stretch of the last day, the euphoria that comes over you causes a natural high that may well turn into a recurring virus.

You get itchy feet, and you’ll want to do it again. The Vierdaagse virus is real.

Fog waterfalls pouring over the cliffs, Heimaey, Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland.

Number 4 – Dalalæða

The Icelandic dalalæða is an elusive natural phenomenon of fog waterfalls. When it crawls up a valley and bumps into obstructions, it causes waterfalls of fog tumbling down the mountain tops. I was incredibly lucky to experience this, being at the right place at the right moment when it accidently happened. I stood right in the middle of it, and saw spectacular waterfalls of fog flowing over the rocks and mountains all around me.

I’ve never seen anything like it. It was absolutely magical.

Row of torches at the Þjóðhátíð Festival on Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland.

Number 3 – Vestmannaeyjar

The story about the island that captivated me at first sight. I was drawn to the islands of Vestmannaeyjar when I saw their mysterious shape shimmering on the horizon. It was as if there’s an unexplained energy emanating out of it. I just had to go there. Heimaey is a spectacular island of volcanic peaks and jumbled rocks and the landscape is out of this world.

Vestmannaeyjar is also home of the Þjóðhátíð festival in August. ‘Þar sem hjartað slær’ is the ultimate Þjóðhátíð song that captures the atmosphere of the Iceland National Festival like no other.

View to Blátindur, Herjólfsdalur, Heimaey, Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland.

Number 2 – Blátindur

The walking track to Blátindur, across the daunting peaks of Dalfjall. Blátindur is the imposing peak rising up above Herjólfsdalur, on the island of Heimaey. It takes a bit of effort to scramble up there, but you’ll be rewarded with some truly jaw-dropping views.

Including Blátindur casting its mighty shadow majestically into the bowl of Herjólfsdalur, if you go up in the afternoon.

Heimaklettur, Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland.

Number 1 – Heimaklettur

The blog post that was read the most times in 2017: The walking track to Heimaklettur, the iconic Home Rock of Vestmannaeyjar. Heimaklettur may look a bit inacessible at first sight, but there are ladders and chains to help you up the path to the top. I made a detailed description of the Heimaklettur hike, including pictures of what the track is like. In the darker days of the year, people like to light candles on Heimaklettur.

And around Christmas and New Year they get totally out of control, with a multitude of candles all over the upper slopes. It’s an incredibly beautiful sight.

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Fireworks on New Years Eve, Heimaey, Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland.
Fireworks on New Year’s Eve @ Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland.

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#5 @ Vierdaagse of Nijmegen – Four days of long-distance trials & tribulations

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First published: 2 January 2018

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