Several of my travel stories and articles have been shared by online magazines and local tourist information sites. This is a selection of some of those, including their comments.

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Note: Some of the featured images in the links don’t show up, because I have changed the photos in the original article in the meantime. Other links may point to the old Wilderness Coffee & Natural High website on There are also some shared posts from the Wilderness Coffee & Natural High Facebook page, where I first started my blog in 2017.

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Earth Science Picture of the Day (EPOD)

Dalalæða – Advection fog in Iceland (+ Viewers Choice August 2017).

Iceland Unwrapped by Helgastina

Northern lights (Why visit Iceland in winter) – ‘Hunting the northern lights takes time and patience. But seeing them is an unforgettable experience. It makes you want to come back for more. Here you can read the story of an ‘Íslandsvinur’ (friend of Iceland) who came back multiple times to hunt the northern lights in Iceland.’

Hawaii Pacific Parks Association

Haleakala – ‘This was so well-said we couldn’t really think of any way to improve it.’

Go Visit Hawaii

Hawaii Big Island – Aloha Friday Photo: New land in creation.

Aurora Forecast Iceland

Northern lights – ‘A lovely read about what it is like to experience the Aurora for the very first, much anticipated, time. Plus some stunning photos too.’

Visit Vestmannaeyjar

The walking track to Heimaklettur – ‘This is a great description of the walking track to Heimaklettur. The walk up can be quite difficult at times and you have to be careful but it’s totally worth it, the view from up top is magical! Nancy is planning to do a series of walking tracks around Heimaey, we’re looking forward to seeing them.’

The walking track to Blátindur – ‘Wonderful pictures and a fun review of the walking track to the top of Blátindur, Nancy sure provides it all!’

Dalalæða – ‘A spectacular view of the Island and how she witnessed the Dalalæða fog come over Heimaey one summer night.’

The zen of Stafsnes – ‘One of the hidden gems of Vestmannaeyjar is a small bay called Stafsnes. The path can be quite challenging for inexperienced hikers so you have to be careful, but Nancy explains everything you need to know on how to get there and describes the beautiful path to the destination.’

The coastal track to Stórhöfði – ‘Great blog written by Wilderness Coffee & Natural High where the subject this time is Stórhöfði. There you can see puffins during the summertime along with a gorgeous landscape.’

Vestmannaeyjar walking tracks – ‘In Vestmannaeyjar there are many spectacular walking trails. In this blog, written by Nancy Claus, you can read about the best walks on Heimaey.’

Nijmegen Summer Capital

Vierdaagse – ‘This is a story about the Vierdaagse Nijmegen – one of the most intense yet exciting weeks of the year.’

Logikos Publishing

My article about the Vierdaagse of Nijmegen also appears as a contribution in the 2019 book edition of ‘The friendliest marathon in the world’, a collection of short stories about the famous Walk of the World, published by Logikos.

Outback Beds Australia

The opal fields of Lightning Ridge – ‘A nice story about Lightning Ridge.’

Dalurinn (Þjóðhátíð)

Vestmannaeyjar – Þar sem hjartað slær – ‘Nancy came to Þjóðhátíð 2016 and it’s great to read how she experienced the festival and Vestmannaeyjar.’

Alda Sigmundsdóttir (Icelandic writer)

Vestmannaeyjar – Þar sem hjartað slær – ‘If you are intrigued by Þjóðhátíð and the row of torches, check out this blog post by Nancy, where she writes about her first-hand experience.’

Reizen Inspiratie (Dutch online travel magazine)

Beautiful destinations in Europe – Featured image and guest post: ‘Iceland is a geological wonderland. A unique combination of volcanoes, glaciers, steaming fields with geothermal hot springs, waterfalls and craggy mountains in hallucinating shades of green. And the best place in the world to hunt the northern lights.’

@ Full version (in Dutch): IJsland tips voor first time visitors.

Summoning the northern lights on Heimaey, Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland.

Stuck in Iceland Magazine

The overwhelming beauty of Iceland – Guest post: ‘Nancy traveled to Iceland on a whim and had a life changing Iceland music experience.’

Northern lights – Guest post: ‘Icelandic Northern Lights enchant our guest writer Nancy.’

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66 North Iceland

My content was also used without asking me first, or even adding a link to the original article. 66 North, a famous clothing brand in Iceland, copied my words about Vestmannaeyjar in their social media posts on Facebook and Instagram in June 2021.

They took a classic example of my style of writing & tone of voice from ‘The coastal track to Stórhöfði’. Even though I’m kind of ‘honoured’ to see that my article has obviously inspired them, it is common courtesy and practice for website professionals to at least acknowledge and link to the original source of where this piece of content came from. Their text below is literally copied from the section ‘Islands shaped by volcanic activity’ in my article about Stórhöfði.