Several of my stories and travel articles have been shared by online magazines and local tourist information sites. Here’s a selection of some of those.

Earth Science Picture of the Day (EPOD)

Dalalæða Advection fog in Iceland. (+ Viewers Choice August 2017)

Hawaii Pacific Parks Association

Haleakala‘This was so well-said we couldn’t really think of any way to improve it.’

Go Visit Hawaii

Hawaii Aloha Friday Photo: New land in creation.

Visit Vestmannaeyjar

The coastal track to Stórhöfði ‘Great blog written by Wilderness Coffee & Natural High about Stórhöfði, one of the most popular places to go to when visiting Vestmannaeyjar.’

The zen of Stafsnes ‘One of the hidden gems of Vestmannaeyjar is a small bay called Stafsnes. The path can be quite challenging for inexperienced hikers so you have to be careful, but Nancy explains everything you need to know on how to get there and describes the beautiful path to the destination.’

The walking track to Blátindur ‘Wonderful pictures and a fun review of the walking track to the top of Blátindur, Nancy sure provides it all!’

Dalalæða‘A spectacular view of the Island and how she witnessed the Dalalæða fog come over Heimaey one summer night.’

The walking track to Heimaklettur ‘This is a great description of the walking track to Heimaklettur. The walk up can be quite difficult at times and you have to be careful but it’s totally worth it, the view from up top is magical!’

Nijmegen Summer Capital

Vierdaagse‘This is a story about the Vierdaagse Nijmegen – one of the most intense yet exciting weeks of the year.’

Outback Beds Australia

The opal fields of Lightning Ridge‘A nice story about Lightning Ridge.’

Dalurinn (Þjóðhátíð)

Vestmannaeyjar! – Þar sem hjartað slær ‘Nancy came to Þjóðhátíð 2016 and it’s nice to read how she experienced the festival and Vestmannaeyjar.’

Stuck in Iceland Magazine

The overwhelming beauty of Iceland ‘Nancy traveled to Iceland on a whim and had a life changing Iceland music experience.’

Northern lights ‘Icelandic Northern Lights enchant our guest writer Nancy.’


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