NaturePic challenge! – Remote Islands

NaturePic challenge! – Remote Islands

Wilderness Coffee & Natural High will be kicked off with a Nature Pic Week: Seven days of epic nature pictures to highlight some places that will induce a natural high 😉

My theme is: Remote Islands. Although the fact that I didn’t have a digital camera until 2006 leaves out some truly fascinating places I travelled to before that time… Such as Easter Island, Lord Howe Island, White Island, the Outer Hebrides and Bora Bora. Yet, there are still plenty of other beautiful islands in the sea.

You can find some of them in the overview below. Enjoy the journey!

Las Playas bay, El Hierro, Canary Islands, SpainWilderness Coffee @ Las Playas bay, El Hierro (Canary Islands).

(c) Nancy Claus – Wilderness Coffee & Natural High

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Remote Islands – stories & inspiration

Hinchinbrook Island – Unspoiled tropical wilderness

El Hierro – A volcanic hotspot underneath the sea

Hawaii – Volcanic fields of fire

Faroe Islands – Atlantic weather systems moving overhead

Stromboli – The ancient lighthouse of the Mediterranean

Cook Islands – The stuff of Pacific dreams

Vestmannaeyjar – A force of nature that can’t be denied

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