I am Nancy, and I’m a volcano geek. Passionate about Iceland, mountains and spectacular nature shows. I love to hike & drink coffee in the wilderness, losing myself in bizarre landscapes that induce a natural high 😉

On my blog I show you the beauty of nature, and share practical tips along the way. You can find descriptions of awesome walking tracks, musings about islands, mountains and volcanoes, and various ramblings about weird & wonderful places.

What is Wilderness Coffee & Natural High?

I named my blog after two distinctive expressions I was already using for many years: ‘wilderness coffee’ and ‘natural high’. One is part of the essential survival gear for me on any trip, the other a state of mind that occurs naturally when blissfully bumbling around awe-inspiring places. Both being a source of endless joy!

A blissful state of mind

There is something about climbing mountains and immersing yourself into nature that just can’t be explained into words. The effects it has on your state of mind are incredible. Feelings of happiness, joy & gratitude, triggered by endorphins and the beauty that surrounds you. It’s the ultimate mindfulness.

Nature & hiking & mountains = natural high. 🌿
It adds up to something greater than the sum of its parts.
You just never lose your sense of wonder.

I love to drink coffee in the wilderness, and share these natural highs with you 🙂

Wilderness Coffee with a view to Klif and Heimaklettur, Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland
A wilderness coffee & a natural high simultaneously featured in one picture! @ Vestmannaeyjar.

Let’s connect!

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Thank you for reaching out – I’m looking forward to hear from you.

About me

My background is in travel planning and SEO. And I’m a bit of a geology geek too. I am particularly drawn to volcanoes, geothermal valleys, mountains and crazy rock formations. I’m fascinated by various natural and weather phenomena, like northern lights, solar eclipses, and the elusive dalalæða.

So it’s no wonder that I spent a lot of time in Iceland over the past years.

Writing a blog has been in the back of my mind for ages, but ‘never got around doing’ until I set up Wilderness Coffee & Natural High in 2017. I love to write stories and I have an inner drive to go out & explore – preferably a bit off the beaten track. It’s something that already manifested itself in childhood, when you’re naturally drawn to the things you like to do most.

I am a restless Dutch native who has travelled extensively in Iceland, Australia and New Zealand, as well as various other places around the world in the past 25 years.

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Explore the beauty of nature. Embrace your sense of wonder.
And enjoy coffee in the wilderness.


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